How to Make a PDF File

Invented by Adobe Systems in 1993, Portable Document Format is a computer application which is commonly used by the people for preparing all kinds of documents. It is a data format that presents the content in a portable and compact form. A computer user can have access to this file format at any system with different configuration. It is equipped with compression algorithms with which the file size gets reduced. As a result, a person can make use of text, graphics and multimedia content in one document.The algorithms reduce the size of these graphics and multimedia content. The security features protect the data from distortion or misuse. The conversion ability of the application enables you to convert the data from this format to any other. These attributes have contributed to the popularity of the Portable Document Format among the users. It is also easy to create these files on any system.How to create Portable Document Format?
A Portable Document Format can be created using several methods. You can create these files manually using Word 2007. The Word 2007 is equipped with a built-in utility to create the document in the PDF file format. Go to ‘Office Button’ and click on ‘Save As’. Out of the options given to you, you can save the file in Portable Document Format.Then click on the Publish button. However, this procedure is useful when you want to convert only one or two files. In order to convert multiple files into the Portable Document Format you can use PDF to Word tools. These tools are the computer programs that enable the user to convert a number of files into a desirable file format. You can merge multiple files into a single PDF document. There are other advanced programs that can help you in encrypting the converted files.You can set the desired configurations in the file format. One can embed the desirable fonts in the file. Configuring Vector graphics enable you to use graphics or images. You can also incorporate audio and video files by selecting a good, reliable and state-of-art tool. By following these methods you can easily convert the files into Portable Document Format.

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